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I'm located in Rio Rancho, NM and I develop front end Wordpress Websites and also basic websites for your business and other idea needs you may have. (e-commerce too?? Yes definetly that too!! I'd advise you to get a good tax professional that knows all the 50 state laws and NEXUS hence that has now changed and sales tax is now being collected interstately if a sale is made, not just in one state where your NEXUS is located. You have been warned...)   I do not hire out of the country due to the nature of sensitive data and theft.  I build under GDPR and SSL standards. I still also recover data in crashed systems and perform computer data recovery. I work under contract with other companies in the USA so you may see me with a work badge for another well known company globally performing Computer system services as per SLA locally and statewide.   As for web development I discorage people that want "eye candy" on their page. It bogs down servers and it increases the chance for it to crash under high volume requests from and to your web page.. If you do require "eye candy" and have the monetary resources I highly recommend a fiber connection and an on site new server with Linux on it, It will require a CDN.. Thanks for visiting our page and hope to be in contact with you soon.


With 20+ years of Linux experience we develop under that platform however our projects are cross platform compatible and will work in Windows, Apple, Android and iOS.